A cloudherder is an archetype, an epitome that provides the foundation of a service. The images that recreate the archetype are symbolic although not arbitrary and they are the result of a personal experience.

The archetype emerges in a scenario that illustrates to us a particular purpose, a kind of practise and a person to serve. These three components enliven and nourish the raison d’etre of a cloudherder.

The purpose is revealed in the image of a servant whose mission is to clear the sky and give access to what previously could not be seen because of the clouds. The cloudherder’s purpose is clarity.

The practise makes the cloudherder be present throughout the process and leave only when the scenario shows what was hidden before. The cloudherder’s practice is committed to service.

The beneficiary is a person with a cloudy, stormy or foggy panorama, with a pair of eyes avid to explore what lies beyond the visual obstacle. The cloudherder clear the scene of clouds for this person.

The purpose and work of a cloudherder was conceived to serve a person with a desire, aspiration or even a call who would value access to new panoramas for completing or transcending their present reality.

Cloudherders do not create light but they make clarity possible; that clarity is the beginning of a personal collaborative journey towards new realities whose only aim is to benefit a person.

Cloudherders serve people.

Horacio Camperi