economy: new methods, same users

Today’s economy and the economy of our business

There are many ways to define “economy”; as a science, as a system or even as a pillar of society. Unfortunately, in most of these definitions the vital component is not very present. The person is included but not reflected.

If we remove the halo of complexity, “economy” is just the manifestation of how we treat one another. How do business people treat their customers and employees? What do they demand and what do they give? In the bigger picture, it is a manifestation of how one country treats another.

Therefore, the world economy is the image of how we treat one another as human beings. No matter how a new economic model may be, how intelligent, ecological or sustainable, it will be used by the same people who have participated in the previous one.

The linchpin is always the person. Not what we want that person to be but what he or she really is.

That’s why we work and support PEOPLE who want to do business with PEOPLE and, in this context, personal values play an essential role. When personal values are legitimized they can generate healthy relationships and businesses which become a reference for others.

Surely we can not change the global economy, but we certainly can set a good example.

Horacio Camperi