Fernando Sassone

Buenos Aires, Argentina

While I wait for my friend, Fernando Sassone, to send me his professional information I will take this parenthesis to share something that has to do with our personal bond which, like the same as you, he does not know either.

Besides other professional aspirations, I have a personal goal that I hope will help me to raise my quality as a human being: before dying, I hope to find fifty souls which arouse the best of me and to whom I reciprocate by giving careful treatment and respect beyond our differences, beyond our rights and wrongs; fifty souls to whom I never judge and give my best.

I am fortunate to say that I have found a few. Fernando Sassone was the first one.

Life brought us together in a haphazard, fortuitous event as children which gave me the gift of being a big brother for a while. I have very clear that virtue has nothing to do with the greatness of a friendship, although sometimes life gives us both. For a reason that I don’t remember now we lost contact and one day, thirty years later, I met this man:

A great educator and apprentice of his children, restless spirit, sharp eyes, personality sometimes crude and viceral. An illustrated man, assertive and very didactic with a noble and delivered heart; his committed photography, showing the deepness of the human being, seems to say “beauty is not always happy”.

But Fernando is happy. For me, he is like an X-Large unaligned elf. He has declined the favor of being Machiavelli and has built a valuable life from his principles and multiple manifestations of art that emanate fluidly from each member of his family.

I’m pretty sure; it is not easy being Fernando Sassone. But I’m glad that someone is.

Horacio Camperi