Horacio Camperi

Mallorca, Spain

I am a Values Facilitator and support individuals with organic and natural tools which offer fresh and alternative perspectives applicable to branding and communication resources. My clients are usually entrepreneurs interested in developing or rethinking their offer, while privileging their principles and personal approach above market standards expectations.

I have included in the next section a list of tools that I use in my work and personal philosophy which I hope will allow you to form a better idea of my approach and service, without prejudice to any further information I can offer in a personal conversation.

My corporate life has always been linked to sales as an insurance broker and consultant. I have always been in contact with designers and marketing people. What I know about design tools I have learned from designers. This has given me a language to establish a proper communication with clients although, as I mention before, my service provides a non-conventional branding offer.

With respect to values alignment process, since 2005 I am a facilitator of ValuesOnline™ and I am personally and philosophically joined to this company and their values process. You can learn about this company and their powerful online tool by following this link.

Regarding my personal values, I would like to mention two qualities which are present in all my work. The first is a fine perception and sensitivity to discover the essential, the symbolic and the archetypal, and the capability to translate them with simplicity in messages or powerful images, both aligned with customer values.

The second is my will and dedication, working closely with my client and committed to the expected result; for this reason most of my offerings will include your confirmation at different times of the process. I am a delivered collaborator.

However, given my own nature, if you have come this far, it has been through a reference and, therefore, surely you already have some information about the quality of my work and my commitment to the outcome.

Thank you for your interest, I am at your disposition.

Horacio Camperi


It is a powerful tool, developed after several decades of research on values, giving a sample of over 120 relevant values in Western culture. The system takes you through an online process of values ranking, allowing you to establish your core values at this present time in your life.

You can only access this process by the invitation of a Values Online facilitator. That same professional receives a set of maps and charts as a result of your ranking and delivers them in facilitation or coaching sessions to help you align those values with your present activity.

I have oriented the facilitation process to turn these core values into elements of identity. You can get detailed information on this service in our offer Values & Identity.

In my personal opinion, ValuesOnline™ is the ideal means to reconcile inner health and professional development. 

Design Tools

According to the design requirement I work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I also use After Effects for little video applications but this is not my main work. 

Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophy

I discovered anthroposophy in the late 80s and since then I have been linked to this way of observing life and the world. For many, Rudolf Steiner is known for developing the first biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf education and euritmia, but the scope of anthroposophy extends to multiple areas, such as art, education, architecture and medicine. And, although this has influenced the way I see life and the actions I take, I do not include anthroposophic content in my offer, just as I have practiced meditation, I do not include those specific exercises in my work. Yet, it is present in who I am and who I am is present in what I do. 

Goethe’s Colour Theory

Goethe studied the reality of colours for 40 years, using the contrast between light and darkness. He based his work on color perception and human instinctive response behavior, for example, how the eye observes shadows in complementary colours with respect to the tone of light, thus seeking the whole. The meaning that Goethe gave to colour does not completely match the modern psychology of colour, but this contrast helps us to understand the difference between the effect that natural colour produces versus an artificial one in order to create the right visual effect on a screen. This is an important understanding for those who want to deliver a message. 


It was developed during the Middle Ages in Europe to become a consistent source of identifying people. Gradually used by estates of feudal society, like nobility and the Catholic Church, it was equally adopted by other human groups, such as unions and associations, and for the identification of cities, towns and territories.
Some meanings about symbols and colors in Heraldry can be very useful when a logo is composed. You would be amazed to discover how close a logo and a coat of arms are, in essence.