Business Cards

As you as possible

At the present time it seems essential to take every available opportunity to make a great impression; to make your image stand out from the crowd. Some entrepreneurs believe that a business card can get this with a memorable look that people will never forget.

We respect that opinion and believe it is valid for a certain type of activity and personality. Furthermore, the impact of a memorable image, although intense, is brief. A memorable image is like a good joke: you can not use it a long time.

When a person receives your business card you both have probably shared a chat before and he or she will have had a first impression of you. If your card is a faithful reflection of this impression, it will help to imprint that image in the minds of your chat partner.

You can expect all these qualities in your business card: Simplicity, harmony and unity; balanced design of elements and information; charm and vitality, professional look, right fonts, colours and legibility. But content and look have to be aligned to you.

A business card should not be memorable by itself but a reflection of your memorability.
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