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We work with people's most valuable treasure: their values, and we make them visible in the form of clear messages, shapes and colors. We turn values into a personal seal.
Values Foundation

When people recognize the legitimacy of their values, it may inspire a true commitment to them. If that happens, they naturally want to show and represent those values in pictures, symbols, colors, work-plans, phrases or words.
Just imagine a personal offer like that!


We can talk about "vision and mission", "tone of communication", "identity elements" or any other marketing topics, but first we should search for the core values behind them. Once established, they can be clearly expressed in personalised and unique offers or programmes.


The results of working with your values can be applied in many aspects of your life. Here, we highlight some branding and communication resources like personalised offers, sales style or graphics applications such as logos, websites, personalised campaigns, e-books and illustrations.

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Basically, a cloudherder is a facilitator, who supports people by shedding light on primary values and principles which give meaning and inspire people's ideals. Cloudherders work with archetypes.

As professionals, coming from different working sectors, cultural backgrounds and geographies, we are actively involved in or support with our presence the cloudherders platform, which defines our field of action and offers from two core values: clarity and service.

We all have something in common: from our advice or leadership, our facilitation or art, we establish a special relationship with light, reflected in the clarity of our message, our care of aesthetics and complete dedication to the benefit of the expected result.



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Archetypes can impulse our actions and create new realities
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Nothing is worth more than this day. - Goethe


A golden key can open any door.
  • Self-consciousness tool
  • 127 relevant values
  • Individuals and teams
  • Ideal before facing new steps
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  • 4x4 hours facilitation calls
  • 12 core values reviewed
  • Vision, mission & qualities
  • First colour palette
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  • MOBI or EPUB format
  • Publishing process support
  • Kindle personal account
  • Multi-image special jobs
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  • 12 -16 hours of searching
  • Every step confirmed by you
  • 2 available previews
  • Responsive, HTML5 and Retina
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Cloudherders do not create light.
They only clear the sky.

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