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Personal selling is one of the few activities where values can not be hidden. Respect, courage, charm, morale -just to mention a few of them- emerge in our consciousness, our heart and act with more intensity than usual.

I observe sales as a conquest; the kind of conquest you can see in a date or when someone catches your heart.  And it is fair to say that human beings have always had a close relationship with the conquest: it has always been conquerors and admirers. Throughout our lives hundreds or thousands of people have conquered our heart and we have aroused admiration, empathy, adherence from many others. I do believe that there are thousands of ways to conquer and therefore thousands of ways to sell.

Values-driven sales follow the opposite rules of massive sales. All that is known as the “market” and how to interact with it is on the other side of the street to a relationship guided by values. A values driven sale is not a negotiation the same way as a date is not a transaction.

Sales can be aligned with your organic way of working as an entrepreneur. But first it is essential to establish what kind of seller you are. This is not only important for selling but also to create your offers.

I welcome you,

Horacio Camperi

First of all, we would like to express our desire of supporting a type of personal selling (1on1) and a type of careful commercial communication, significant and of course, authorized. That is, an entrepreneur with a noble product and a database composed of known people.

For this support, the values alignment process is not mandatory but recommended. Nor is it necessary to have an offer already developed.

The only object of this service is to establish what kind of seller you are and help you to improve your performance by exploring your resources and creating parameters that allow you to align your offers with your selling style.


Working areas

Values and Identity reports are very useful to find and enhance each of your strengths and qualities that will lead more effectively to sales.

Among the 120 values available in the values ranking, more than 40 of them are relevant for a seller. Our core values guide us towards a target group and a type of communication and, with that, a way to sell our products and services.


Sales Lens

The elements obtained from values process can now be reviewed:

  1. Core values and their utility in different moments of the sales process
  2. Archetypical images turned into slogans or potent sales messages
  3. Vision and mission present in our sales approach as an organic way to obtain achievements

Programme or Consulting

It is easy to see how convenient it is to have information from the values process. Still, this service can not be presented as a closed product. We need to set a personal plan and different working areas.

Sales does not always require a holistic treatment. Sometimes a new perspective, contrast or advice, are sufficient to solve a specific issue.



In any case, working plan or consulting share the same fee:  30 € an hour

For any consultation or request, feel free to contact Horacio Camperi at or send us a message from our contact area.