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Values Process Required

Undoubtedly, an executive who leaves corporate life to become an entrepreneur is a person who does not want to live the values of others.

Values-driven entrepreneurs assume the risk of reflecting who they are in everything they do and try to bring offerings which reflect their uniqueness while taking distance from the messages of the day in the market.

And it is reasonable. What sense does it make that an executive leaves a lifestyle to later use the same messages, the same style of attracting clients and the same kinds of offers? However, many new entrepreneurs do this at the time of designing and offering their products. Perhaps because they have not burned the ships yet.

What if it were possible to design a product that represents our values, offering it with a message that expresses our nature and, at the same time, taking care of the image perceived by our community and considering the product positioning?

Your values do not represent a restriction to your success but just a different road. A road where the commercial strategy is also guided by values.

I welcome you,

Horacio Camperi

Important: This work plan is based on the results of the Values Alignment Process. We recommend that you read Values & Identity first.

Next, we present different areas of exploration and development which can be supported individually or as a whole. Moreover, we assume that the entrepreneur already knows the community to which his or her offers are targeted.

This said, every product creation has an internal and an external field of action. By using the Values & Identity results we can take care of each aspect involved and thus orient ourselves to a better result.

1.  Internal Aspects

With or without a coined brand, you offer your products to a target group which identifies with your values. You have a philosophy (a set of values, symbols, beliefs and customs) and, therefore, a healthy relationship with yourself. You know the kind of treatment you expect to receive and, consequently, the type of offer you can make. For sure, the content of your offer and your community will be aligned.

But besides the content, any offer has a message; ergo, a type of communication. In conventional marketing, content and message depend mostly on what the customer wants. Instead, in a value-driven offer, content and message depend on the nature of the entrepreneur. In other words, content and message will come from your values.

Values Application

From the core values that emerge from Values & Identity some represent capabilities already achieved and others, while important, still need to be grown. All of them can be useful: one group is ideal to describe content and the other to deliver the message.

In addition, Values & Identity includes the creation of archetypical images which can be transformed into phrases or slogans and be used in new content.

Type of Message

And still, messages of an offer depend on another variable: what kind of seller is the entrepreneur? It makes no sense to illustrate a rebellious and provocative offer if, later on, the prospective client will meet with a passive seller.

2.  External Aspects

The two external variables to consider when we create an offer are image perception and positioning: what response does our image and products produce in people and what place do we occupy in relationship to our competition.

Identity lives in our hearts, our minds and our hands

Marketing consultants measure the image perceived by the market according to the cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses of people.

Values & Identity process observes our core values from the rational, emotional and physical lens and gives us meaningful information about these three areas. We can explore the results and find shared elements that can help improve knowledge, empathy and the choices of your target group.

Success is full of friends

Product positioning depends on knowing your community, your uniqueness and providing reasons why they can believe in you. However, sometimes it may be hard to find these differential factors.

Fortunately, the values process provides sufficient elements to establish your uniqueness. But it will be especially important to consider those values that strengthen links with your community. A friendly community shares confidence and promotes your uniqueness.

All available information from the values process and its different areas of application will surely allow you to configure a more optimal offer. For instance:

Describe more clearly and simply the characteristics and requirements of your product.

Identify differentiators in relationship to your competition.

Find generators of preference and promote elements of loyalty.

Better Identification and approach to the target group


Simplification: by reducing complexity, the value of your offer increases.


Cost of facilitation calls or additional time applied to reports or supporting tasks.

30 € per hour

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