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If you have already surfed on our website and read some of our offers, you know that we support people who want to interact with people.

A message by email, though honest and valuable, is weak because it arrives without you. Yet many times it could determine the success of your offer. If you have something valuable to share with your community, the messenger must keep up the message.

However, people open their emails according to the relevance of the sender, and when they run through the list of unread messages, they have very different expectations of each one. In conclusion, the messenger is not the electronic system.

The messenger is the expressive quality of your message and serves one single purpose: to properly deliver your words, your meaning, your care and friendship.

I welcome you,

Horacio Camperi

A valuable message is not sold by itself.

Given the importance of your proposal, surely there will be people who want to establish links with you, subscribe and keep abreast of your activities or progress. The same applies to your data base, composed of regular customers and well-known people with whom you share value propositions or meaningful messages.

Of course, distributing your message to this community, it requires a delivery method to facilitate shipping. As we have already said, the messenger is not the electronic system but the visual expression of your message which shows your identity in the design and text of the sent email.

Our offer consists of creating templates suitable for your identity and the kind of seller that you are. Regarding the design, if you are already our client, your values, graphic style and other valuable items will be available.

With respect to aligning the design to your selling style, this is highlighted in two other offers of our portfolio: Values & Offers and Values & Sales



We observe the way to treat a target group or community as something analogous to a healthy friendship. And it is valid that, every so often, we call our friends to share something important.

From that spirit, it is possible to communicate things to a community that respects and appreciates who we are and that gets an excellent result, especially when we offer something that our community considers valuable.

Our budget depends on your need and requirements of design templates. The cost can vary between 25 € and 30 € per design hour.


Assuming a data base that does not exceed 1000 members, the cost is 35 € per mailing.


In a healthy database, you do not have many unsubscribe requests; they are mostly subscriptions, although there may be email addresses that community members no longer use.

Since our service applies to small databases, we personally manage subscriptions and unsubscribe requests. In this way we can keep our customers informed of changes in their community.

The cost of maintaining the database and updating customer lists is 20 € per hour.

If you are interested in this offer please contact Horacio Camperi at or send us a message from our contact area.