Writing Support

In your own words

There are people who become very emotional and happy to express their emotions when participating in activities, but when they have to express their creative initiative they become very cerebral and less emotional.

It is reasonable. Even being emotional people, sometimes it is difficult to express emotion within a framework that describes very precise content.

Some people have a very clear understanding of their offer but they are simply not very enthusiastic to express it from a text.

For all of them, Writing Support resolves that “unloved” part of the work and, like every offer in this website, it is confirmed by the client before launching.

Writing Support is very helpful and does not require the values process. If it is available, it is so much better because we can use much of the information that is generated like words, phrases or expressions.

If not, we can discuss basic information provided by you to manage and create a context aligned with your current priorities; texts that reflect the value of your image or offer. Writing Support is a way to color and dress your content.

There may be many reasons for needing Writing Support. We offer you a conversation to define how to collaborate better with you.

Our fee for this service is 40€ an hour (IVA not included)

For any consultation or request, feel free to contact Horacio Camperi at horacio@cloudherders.com or send us a message from our contact area.